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Everyone dreams of it: having a small piece of paper with the right numbers printed on it and prevailing the existence-changing $two hundred million, $seven-hundred million or $1 billion jackpot. But what occurs once you win?

Many winners determine to Lottery Thai anonymous — or at least attempt to — however that may be difficult whilst many states call for that the winners of large jackpots display their faces at information conferences.

At his own news conference in Madison, Wis., Manuel Franco, 24, who in a Powerball drawing final month gained $768 million, the third-largest jackpot in United States lottery history, regarded to be trying not to divulge too much data approximately himself, perhaps to keep random own family members from popping out of the woodwork. Speaking with journalists on Tuesday, he declined to say in which he grew up, wherein he lived, what kind of vehicle he drove or where he used to work. (He quit  days after prevailing.)

Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Texas, North Dakota and Ohio allow lottery winners to conceal their identities if the winnings exceed a certain dollar amount, consistent with the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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Other states, like New York, make it smooth for winners to accumulate their prizes underneath the quilt of an L.L.C. Or an entity. But states like Wisconsin need winners to come back ahead to claim their prizes, despite the fact that Wisconsin does not require them to appear at a information conference as Mr. Franco did.

After Mr. Franco’s $768 million win, “it seems a little ridiculous that there isn’t privateness in relation to that,” Gary Tauchen, a Wisconsin nation representative, stated. “Certainly you have got quite a few fourth and 5th cousins and it’s miles just a scenario while you’re under high strain.”

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